e-Cloverlink 1st Week of August 2018

Good Afternoon Monroe County 4-H,

I hope this week has allowed you to recover from the fair. It is hard to believe that just a week ago we were full force into the fair. It was a great fair. Thanks to all of you for making the food stand run well and all the hours put into all the areas where you volunteer during that one week of the fair.

However, with fair over we turn to wrapping up our 4-H Year. There are several bits of information here so please take a few minutes to read all of the bullet points.

  • Hours Tracker: These forms have sort of gotten lost in a busy summer. I have had several conversations about them with members and parents. I firmly believe there is value in them. Looking at what members have done to learn more about their project will help build opportunities that the youth will be excited about.

One common thought in my conversations was that barring a youth from showing at the fair for paperwork didn’t seem like a good practice. As I thought about it I agree, there are enough hurdles to get a project to the fair. I will not use this as another. However, this is still a best practice, and this will be the tool used to mark a project complete. Look in your August Cloverlink for more on project completion.

It is still an expectation that the Hour Tracker will be used. I am moving the deadline to line up with the other end of year items. The deadline is now the first Monday in October. This year that is Monday the 1st. These are also part of the revised record books, if you turn in your record books the office will make copies of the trackers in your record books.

  • Key/I Dare You Awards: These are the two most prestigious awards given in 4-H. Any adult can nominate a youth for these awards. The nomination forms are attached to this email.
    • The Key Award is open to members in grade 10-13. Youth who have done outstanding things in the realm of leadership and project work should be considered for this award. This is for members who have demonstrated consistent growth in their 4-H involvement, developed and applied their leadership skills and actively participated in the functions of their 4-H club and community.
    • The I Dare You Award is 4-H members, who demonstrate personal integrity, lead well-rounded lives and possess a willingness to assume responsibility. Those nominated for this award should be “emerging” leaders – those youth who have the qualities and the abilities to lead, but who may not yet recognize or act on their leadership potential. This award is designed to be given to a member in grades 8-10 and can only be received once during their 4-H career.
  • Record Books: The revised record books are published on the website. There are fully fillable PDF Files along with the Word and printable PDF files. They are located at: https://monroe.uwex.edu/4-h-youth-development/forms-applications/record-book-forms/. The overall format of the book has not changed just the project forms, also there is a form for all projects now. If you are not sure what form to use contact the office at 608-269-8722. The Record Books are due on Monday Sept 10 by 4:30pm. We hope to see more record books this year, so we are giving you an extra weekend.
    • In another attempt to help more members complete the record books Norwalk Clovers have opened their annual Record Book Workshops to the full county. The workshops start at 6:30 pm until 8:30, the dates are:
      • Thursday, Aug. 16th.
      • Monday Aug. 20th
      • , Aug. 21st
      • Aug. 30th
    • The County has been collecting pictures for use in record books and promotion. Click here to see this photo library
    • Each member is given their 1st binder for free just ask and we will get you a binder.
    • The office will also print record book pages for you to fill out as well. We can get these to you or a leader.
  • Secretary’s Treasure’s Books: This year the Secretary and Treasurer for each club are required to turn in their record books. They are due October 1st by 4:30 pm. I will not charter your club if your books are not turned in. The materials are up on the website at this address: https://monroe.uwex.edu/4-h-youth-development/forms-applications/
    • The Treasurer’s Books is the same as last year.
    • The Secretary’s Book has been made easier and reflects the Treasurer’s Book.
    • If you have questions on these books, please ask the office is happy to help you get your books completed.
  • Herdsmanship Plaques: If your club won one of the Herdsmanship Divisions Congratulations! If you could turn the plaques into the Fair Office in Tomah or the Extension Office in Sparta we will get your club’s name engraved and return it to you to display through next year’s fair.
  • Charters: It is that time of year again. Keep an eye on the mail we will be sending the 2018-2019 Club Charters in the mail hopefully next week. The charters are due October 1st. The good news you do not need to find someone to audit your finances this year. We will use your Treasurer’s book to audit your club’s finances.

Food Stand Extras: There are approximately six, 15 lb. cases of hamburger patties and three, 10 lb. cases of Von Ruden Brats. We are selling to the first respondents at cost. The beef is $40 a case and the brats are $30 a case. There are also 8 cases of soft serve with Sept. expiration dates if you know anyone that can use them they are $15 a case.

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